The World's Number 1 selling spark plug

Champion is the World's Number 1 selling spark plug. With leading edge technology such as the Champion Iridium, Champion is performance proven.

Spark plugs are one of the most highly stressed components in any engine. Operating at energy levels of up to 60 000 volts, temperatures approaching 1000C and crushing pressures of over 2000 psi, to perform in the combustion chamber, a spark plug must be precisely engineered and virtually indestructible.

The need for absolute reliability and increasing longevity under such hostile conditions is the driving force behind Champion's program of continuous technological innovation - a program which has created some of the most advanced spark plug technology available.

Product Range
Champion Industrial
Champion Industrial Powering over 80% of the worlds industrial engine applications.
Champion Iridium
Champion Iridium High performance with dual precious metals without the premium.
Champion Marine
Champion Marine Maximum power and performance for outboard and inboard applications.
Champion Platinum
Champion Platinum Delivers powerful performance and increased durability.
Champion Small Engine
Champion Small Engine Peak performance for your lawn mower, chain saw and power equipment engine.