Anodized Coat

Now anyone can create an anodized look under their hoods. This unique transparent coating creates an anodized effect over properly prepared chrome, shiny bare metal and faux chrome-like surfaces for a spectacular metallic finish. VHT Anodized Colour Coat is formulated for high temperature and high performance engine paint applications. It withstands intermittent temperatures up to 550°F (228°C).

Note: If not spraying over a chrome finished product. Item must be sprayed with the SP453 silver base coat first to achieve correct finish.  

Temperature: 550°F (228°C)

Dry Time: Dries to the touch in 30 mins.

Applications: Engine Components, Chrome Wheels, Bumpers, Trim, Accessories

Finish: Translucent Gloss Colour

Available in 4 colours: Red, Blue, Purple & Silver Base.