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The primary function of an air filter is to deliver both high airflow and superior dirt protection. K&N air filters are designed to provide minimum restriction allowing high airflow into an engine. In the vast majority of cases increased airflow will increase engine performance measured by horsepower and throttle response (torque).

K&N filters are designed to provide superior filtration of the contaminants that can harm an engine while maximizing the airflow characteristics of the filter in question. The ability of an air filter to protect an engine is generally measured in accordance with testing procedure ISO 5011. K&N filters are subjected to this test procedure using a Coarse Test Dust, which includes particles ranging in size from less than 5.5 microns to 176 microns.

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Product Range
Custom Air Filters
Custom Air Filters High Flow Cotton Media Provides Performance and Protection.
High Performance Kits
High Performance Kits Designed for increased performance, utilizing the finest quality components.
Stock Air Filters
Stock Air Filters Designed to increase horsepower and acceleration - providing excellent filtration.
Wrench-Off Oil Filters
Wrench-Off Oil Filters Heavy duty construction, high flow rates, & outstanding oil filtration.

Products are distributed by Motospecs in both Australia and New Zealand.

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