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July 06, 2014 New from Kelpro: window regulators (lifts) and window switches

New from Kelpro: window regulators (lifts) and window switches

In response to significant customer demand, Kelpro has released a brand new range of window regulators (lifts) and window switches.

The new Kelpro Window Regulator (Lifts) and Switches Catalogue (Edition 1) is now available and features more than 400 part numbers. The new range includes window regulators (lifts) to suit popular vehicle makes such as Daewoo, Daihatsu, Ford, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota as well as window switches for Ford, Holden and Toyota. The catalogue also covers many popular European makes including Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Peugeot and Volkswagen.

OEM standard, affordably priced

Product Manager, Anthony Appleby says the new catalogue reflects Kelpro’s ongoing commitment to meeting market demand for top quality aftermarket parts. “We had consistent feedback from customers that they wanted a high quality range of window regulators (lifts) and window switches at an affordable price point,” he says.

“Kelpro has responded with our brand new catalogue that offers reasonably priced OEM equivalent parts that workshops and  crash repairers can fit to their customers’ vehicles with confidence.”

Durable, reliable and easy to install

Whether through wear and tear or as the result of a collision, power windows that don’t open or close, operate slowly, noisily or inefficiently are a real pain for drivers, who want a durable repair that won’t cost the earth. Window regulators (lifts) and window switches can be fiddly parts to replace, and vehicle owners rightly expect any repairs to last. “With Kelpro’s new range, workshops and  crash repairers can be confident they are fitting a durable replacement window regulator (lift) or switch that will work well and deliver longevity for the customer every time,” says Anthony.

Two year warranty

Kelpro window regulators (lifts) and window switches come with a 2 year warranty, offering extra peace of mind to both workshops and their customers.

For more information or to obtain your free copy of the catalogue please call 1800 605 673.

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May 21, 2014 Stay on the front foot with Kelpro’s latest Engine Mount Catalogue

Kelpro Engine Mount Catalogue Ed 9

Sourcing the correct engine mount is simple with the latest Engine Mount Catalogue from Kelpro.

Including over 200 new lines, the Kelpro Engine Mount range now consists of more than 1,700 individual mounts. With the Kelpro Engine Mount Catalogue, you can confidently and quickly source engine mounts for virtually any vehicle in the New Zealand car park.

The new Kelpro Engine Mount Catalogue is easy to read and includes high quality images in the pictorial section.  Many mount images include dimensions to help customers identify difficult application listings before placing the order.

“The Kelpro Engine Mount Catalogue is an essential reference guide for workshops. To maintain a competitive advantage in the market and be capable of servicing the wide range of vehicles on the road today, you need to be able to obtain the correct engine mount quickly and with complete confidence,” says Motospecs Product Manager, Tim Wiggins.

Servicing the complex modern vehicle

Original equipment manufacturers are designing increasingly elaborate engines and engine mounts in a bid to reduce vehicle noise, vibration and harshness. Variations such as hydraulic, multiple layer and engine oil pressure assisted mounts are typical of the newer styles being featured in today’s vehicles. In addition, the number of engine mounts has increased – many front wheel drive vehicles now typically feature up to five engine mounts.

Today’s complex new engine designs create additional challenges for workshops and mechanics when servicing and repairing the vast range of vehicles now commonplace on New Zealand roads.

“The new Kelpro Engine Mount Catalogue helps workshops deal with the complexity of modern vehicles. Our enormous range of engine mounts means there is every chance of finding the Mount you need, no matter what the make or model,” says Tim.

“With customers now bringing in vehicles from all over the world including Japan, Europe, Korea and China, workshops need to be prepared.”

The top quality you’d expect from Kelpro

Kelpro is a trusted brand that consistently delivers on range, availability, pricing and know-how. Sourced from only the most reputable suppliers, Kelpro engine mounts are manufactured to OE standard and very high quality, which is vital given the additional pressure on today’s engine mounts.

“Most modern vehicles are front wheel drive and have more compact engine bays than rear wheel drive vehicles, and this places more load on the engine mounts,” explains Tim.

“Many of today’s engines also produce a much higher degree of horse power and torque, which puts additional load on the engine mounts, in particular the torsional mounts. Meanwhile, transmission mounts support the whole weight of the transmission, so durability is critical for these mounts.”

Kelpro is one of the leaders in the development of automotive aftermarket engine mounts, and as Kelpro engine mounts are competitively priced, you’re not only guaranteed an OE standard part, it won’t break the bank!

For information on your nearest Kelpro distributor or to receive your copy of the new Kelpro Engine Mount Catalogue please contact Motospecs on 0800 809 808. 

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March 17, 2014 New Kelpro Oil Seal catalogue the most comprehensive ever

Kelpro Oil seal CatalogueEdition 5 of the Kelpro Oil Seal catalogue has just been released.

An invaluable resource for workshops, the revised edition is the most comprehensive oil seal catalogue in the local automotive aftermarket, from Kelpro – one of the leading oil seal suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. The Kelpro Oil Seal catalogue features more than 300 new part numbers and includes engine, axle and transmission seals. In total, the new catalogue comprises more than 1,100 individual seals, covering a greater percentage of the Australian car park.

Motospecs product manager, Tim Wiggins, says the new catalogue – which is available as hard copy or online at – is easy to read and includes essential information for workshops and repairers.  “In particular, the catalogue’s application guide now includes a note section with many sizes listed, making part identification easier. It also includes a complete oil seal size listing at the back, which is a helpful reference,” says Tim. Considerable effort and research has gone into ensuring the Kelpro oil seal range meets the needs of today’s workshops, servicing modern vehicles.

“Over the last ten years, vehicles have been engineered to generate more speed, which in turn creates more heat in the engine. As a result, today’s oil seals need to be able to tolerate higher temperatures,” says Tim. “All Kelpro oil seals are made from high performance polymers that comply with high speed and high temperature specifications. Seals made from rubber compounds (NBR) will no longer cope with the demands of a modern engine.”

The replacement of quality seals is critical to ensuring cars don’t return to the workshop with oil leaks. The latest range of Kelpro oil seals are the highest quality, made to exacting OE standards and material specifications. “This includes exact OE material specifications on engine and transmission oil seals for most vehicle applications from 1996.” “Kelpro oil seals will deliver an exact OE fit, which is vital if these crucial parts are going to do their job.” Oil seals are critical to maintaining the engine’s integrity and ensuring engine, transmission and differential oils don’t leak.

Kelpro Part No 98365

Kelpro Part No 98653“Because of Kelpro’s excellent, long-standing relationships with manufacturers and suppliers all over the world, we are able to provide an extensive range of OE equivalent oil seals that will fit perfectly first time, every time.” For more information or to request a copy of the new Kelpro Oil Seals catalogue (Part No: CAT-KOS5), please contact: 0800 809 808

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January 20, 2014 New all in one Kelpro rubber catalogue

Motospecs has just released a new, comprehensive Kelpro Catalogue.

Kelpro is a leading hard parts specialist with an extensive range of under bonnet and under car parts. Always first to market, Kelpro is known for their all-inclusive, easy to read catalogues.Now, Kelpro has consolidated a number of product categories into a single Kelpro catalogue to make life simpler for mechanics and workshop owners.

“Previously, the Kelpro catalogue just included rubber suspension and pedal pads,” said Motospecs Category Manager, Gerry Nabarro. “Now it includes CV boots, steering rack boots, strut mounts, drive shaft couplings, power steering pumps and power steering. The new hard copy Kelpro catalogue is simple to use and features clear, high quality images.

The new Kelpro Rubber Catalogue features brand new product ranges including:

  • Rubber suspension componentsKelpro Rubber Catalogue
    • Control arm bushes
    • Differential mounts
    • Leaf spring bushes
    • Steering idler bushes
    • Strut mounts
    • Sway bar bushes
    • Sway bar link assemblies
    • Trailing arm bushes
    • CV boots
    • Steering rack boots
    • Driveshaft couplings
    • Pedal pads
    • Power steering pumps
    • Power steering hoses

The new range additions cover all the latest vehicle models including Falcon FG, Commodore VE, Mazda 3 and 6, BMW 3 Series, Nissan X-Trail, Toyota Landcruiser and many more. For more information or to request a copy of the new Kelpro Rubber catalogue (Part No: CAT-RUB1), please contact: 0800 333 125

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May 30, 2011 Kelpro Power Steering Pumps

Motospecs is proud to announce the release of a new product category to the already large range of Kelpro products - Kelpro Power Steering Pumps., a major supplier of steering & suspension parts to the Australian automotive aftermarket industry, is excited to introduce its new range of replacement Power Steering Pumps.

The Kelpro range of new Power Steering Pumps will compliment the current ranges of leading Kelpro Steering products such as, Power Steering Hoses, Steering Rack Boots as well as Steering & Suspension Bushes.

Kelpro’s new replacement Power Steering Pumps have been designed as an easy bolt-on unit, making the replacement process effortless and eliminating costs and liabilities associated with core units & deposits.

The new range consists of 30 part numbers with over 20 new Pumps currently under development for future release. The Kelpro range covers over 500 vehicle applications and is catalogued in the new Motospecs electronic catalogue, with new additions continually being updated.

There will also be a complete Kelpro Steering hard copy catalogue available later in the year. In the meantime, a list of the current range is available from your Motospecs representative. Alternatively you can contact Customer Service on 1800 605 673 for a list of the new Kelpro Power steering Pumps.

Superior quality, built to OE specifications’s replacement power steering pumps are built to Original Equipment specifications and utilise only the highest quality new components, sourced from industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers. In addition, all internal components are mirrored to original pump design by application. These factors are crucial when you consider the radical advancements in steering technology in recent years.

All Kelpro Power Steering Pumps are exact replacement for the original pump and are tested to meet or exceed OE specifications for flow, pressure and NVH ( Noise Vibration and Harshness). All units are also ultrasonically cleaned and physically tested for pressure and flow together, to ensure absolute quality.

The vast majority of our new range of power steering pumps comes already fitted with a pulley, which eliminates the need to install one separately. As mechanics and workshop owners know, installing a separate pulley requires specialist equipment and tools, so eliminating the need for this step in most cases presents a significant opportunity to save both time and money.

All Kelpro Power Steering Pumps come with a two-year / 40,000 km warranty.

For more information on the new Kelpro Power Steering pump range, please call our Customer Service on 1800 605 673

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May 30, 2011 Kelpro new Suspension Bushes for popular vehicles has just released a new range of high quality rubber suspension bushes for some of Australia’s most popular vehicle models.

According to Motospecs Category Manager, Gerry Nabarro, Kelpro’s new suspension bushes offer quality at an affordable price point.

"Key benefits of Kelpro’s new suspension bushes are that they are now available in rubber to the aftermarket at competitive prices. Some consumers prefer rubber suspension components which offer a softer more comfortable suspension ride than several harder aftermarket products.

You can be 100% confident of correct fitment first time, every time with Kelpro rubber suspension bushes.

Ford Falcon, Ford Territory, Holden Commodore and Holden Crewman applications are included in the latest release of Kelpro Rubber Suspension bushes and more additions to the range will follow shortly," says Gerry.

All Kelpro rubber suspension bushes carry a 2 year/40,000km warranty.

For more information on the new Kelpro Suspension Bush range, please call our Customer Service on 1800 605 673.

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