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February 01, 2011 Fuelmiser stays in the lead with three brand new product categories

Fuelmiser, Australia’s leaders in engine management and ignition products, has recently launched some new product categories: Transmission Neutral start (inhibitor) switches, EGR valves & Speed sensors

With one of the most comprehensive engine management and ignition ranges in the Australian automotive aftermarket, Fuelmiser has over 1900 part numbers in their range covering more than 2800 individual vehicle applications. Fuelmiser has just added over 220 new part numbers to the range including range extensions in all Sensors and Ignition Coils categories.

“Vehicle components wear out eventually and Engine Management components are critical in keeping vehicles on the road,” says Motospecs Product Manager, George Soultis. “The important thing for workshops is to replace parts on their customers’ vehicles with high quality parts that provide reliability and value. When you choose Fuelmiser products, you can be 100% confident in the quality and reliability of each and every product.”

According to George, while Fuelmiser is highly regarded for products with their current ranges of Ignition and Sensor components, the new categories will complement the existing broad selection.

“Our existing range of sensors is huge and includes Air Flow Sensors, Crankshaft Sensors, Camshaft Sensors, Oxygen Sensors, MAP Sensors, Knock Sensors, Throttle Position Sensors, Temperature Sensors and Coolant Sensors.

imageA transmission Neutral Start Switch disables the starter operation when a vehicle’s transmission is not in ‘neutral’ or ‘park’. Without a functioning neutral start switch, if the engine was started in gear the car would begin to move immediately, which could be extremely dangerous.

Mostly found on automatic transmission vehicles, neutral safety switches generally include an integrated reverse light function. The location of neutral safety switches can vary, and designs can include a transmission selector shaft or steering column mounting location.

“Fuelmiser’s new range of neutral start switches can be counted on to provide long life while also being straightforward to install,” says George.

imageEGR (exhaust gas recirculating) valves are used to help reduce NOx (nitrogen oxide). The EGR valve controls a small passageway between the intake and exhaust manifolds.

When the valve opens, intake vacuum draws exhaust through the valve. This dilutes the incoming air/fuel mixture and has a quenching effect on the combustion temperature, which keeps NOx within acceptable limits.

imageAs an added benefit, it also reduces the engines octane requirements, which lessons the danger of detonation (spark knock).

EGR valves can become clogged with carbon deposits that do not allow the valve to close or work correctly. In such cases the EGR valve will need to be replaced.

George says that Fuelmiser’s three additional product categories enhance what is already an extensive product range.

imageSpeed sensors are generally mounted on the transmission or integrated with the speedometer. A speed sensor operates via a magnet spinning a sensor coil, which then generates electronic pulses and sends these to the vehicle computer. In some newer vehicles, the signal is picked up by the wheel speed sensors. Speed sensors are usually made of a toothed metal disk, mounted on a rotating shaft and a stationary detector covering a magnet coil.

“If the speed sensors fail, the speedometer stops working and there is the potential for the cruise control to also stop functioning, but more importantly, modern vehicle rely on the speed sensor for input to the Engine Managements Computer, ABS System, and Transmission computer to control many of the vehicles crucial operating functions” says George. “This is an important engine component to check and replace as necessary.”

“No one wants vehicles hanging around the workshop because parts can’t be sourced. With Fuelmiser, our massive range means we are a virtual ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your automotive aftermarket needs in Ignition and Engine Management Components.”

“As one of the largest suppliers of Ignition & Engine management components in Australia and New Zealand, Fuelmiser have an unrivalled position within the local automotive aftermarket. The addition of our new product categories cements our market leadership and confirms Fuelmiser as the number one choice for workshops and mechanics nationwide.”

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