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November 24, 2011 Accolades for Champion Iridium

Although they are a relatively small part, spark plugs play a crucial role in the performance of any engine. Vital to generating horsepower, without a quality spark plug a vehicle simply can’t perform at its best, whether it’s on the road or on the racetrack.

For Greg Evans, owner/operator of the largest driver experience operator in Australia, V8 Race Experience, fitting his company’s vehicles with an inferior spark plug simply isn’t an option. Greg and the V8 Race team choose and proudly endorse Champion Iridium spark plugs – exactly the same plugs as fitted by countless mechanics and discerning vehicle owners to everyday road cars around the country. Reflecting the popularity of Champion Iridium, Greg says there is no other plug on the market that can match it for performance, life span and reliability.

V8 Race Experience offers regular drivers the chance to drive a racing car in an authentic race environment. With operations at major raceways in six states, Greg says the performance and durability of Champion Iridium spark plugs helps him to run a successful venture.

“V8 Race cars experience some of the harshest conditions possible. They depend on spark plug durability, as all drivers expect maximum performance from our vehicles, from dawn to dusk.”

Vehicles within the V8 Race Experience fleet are required to perform at a rate beyond even that of a professional racing car, as each V8 Race car is driven continuously at high speed for up to eight hours each day.

“A single car does more than the entire length of Bathurst in a day, and we run them for 90 days each year. In addition, each V8 Race Experience vehicle is driven by a large number of different drivers each day. We choose Champion Iridium because we know they help guarantee our delivery of authentic, high speed driving experiences to each of our customers, day in, day out.”

Greg says V8 Race Experience have used Champion Iridium in their vehicles’ engines for more than seven years and have consistently found them to offer superior performance. More than 20,000 drivers every year enjoy the V8 Race experience, further reflecting the quality and dependability of Champion Iridium, even in incredibly demanding conditions.

“Champion Iridium provide peak performance, optimum spark at high revs and continued performance even in the face of extreme under bonnet temperatures and minimal recovery time,” says Greg.

“Because they continuously deliver performance and long life, Champion Iridium is the spark plug of choice to ignite our drivers”.   

When it comes to product endorsement, you can’t get much better than that!

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