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February 14, 2012 Up close and personal with Champion at the Armor All Gold Coast 600

When Brisbane mechanic, Sean McCaughey, attended an Autopartners trade night in September last year, he never expected to walk away with the lucky door prize, nor did he expect it to be a weekend in the pits at the upcoming Armor All Gold Coast 600!

 “I was really pleased to win the prize,” says Sean, who although a car enthusiast, had limited experience with the V8 utes racing series. He describes his three days at the Armor All Gold Coast 600 as “a real eye opener and a whole lot of fun.”

From 21 – 23 October, Sean, who works at Suzi Auto Services in Springwood, Brisbane, was a member of the Auto One pit crew, working on the Auto One Wild Card Ute and enjoying a true ‘behind the scenes’ racing experience.

 “The whole event was pretty full on. The amount of work that goes into the cars is huge…much more than I ever realised. There’s a massive amount of preparation before each race and numerous pre-checks. I was amazed at how quickly all the work has to be done and how many parts the pit crew have on hand – you could practically re-build a whole car with everything they had there!” says Sean.

Given his experience as a mechanic, Sean was welcomed by the pit crew and even given a nickname – Lucky.

“They called me Lucky because I won the lucky door prize,” Sean explains. “I did feel really lucky to be there and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, even though it was a lot of hard work! We looked after four cars so there was always something happening. I enjoyed the chance to work on each one of them.”

“I assisted with wheel alignments, changing tyres, changing starter motors, fluid checks and more. Each time we worked on a car it was like doing a ‘pre-check’ back at Suzi Auto. We needed to be so thorough. After all, you are dealing with someone’s life in motor racing. The driver really relies on the mechanics to make sure everything in the car is just right so he can concentrate 100% on driving.”

During the three days, Sean pit-crewed for Auto One Wildcard Ute driver, David Besnard’s car.

“Meeting David was a great experience. It was good to get some photos and he gave me a signed t-shirt as well.” 

While he thoroughly enjoyed the Armor All Gold Coast 600, Sean is just as enthusiastic about the event that led to his prize – the Autopartners trade night.

“It was at Dick Johnson’s workshop in Stapylton in Brisbane. It was a really useful evening and I got a lot out of listening to the presentations. Having detailed information on products is vital in our business. If you can give customers honest, accurate information about the products you use in their cars it really gives them confidence in you. Word of mouth is so important in our industry and this can help boost your local reputation.”

“At the trade night I was interested to hear more about Champion spark plugs and how they resist the heat created in the engine using thermal heat technology and I am going to pass that information onto my customers.”

As Sean saw first-hand, drivers in the V8 Utes Australia racing series stand by Champion Iridium spark plugs 100%, thanks to their reliability, durability and consistent performance both under pressure and across varying heat ranges.

These are the same plugs that are available for use in every day road vehicles across the country.

“I’ve just turbo charged my own car and I’m planning to give the Champions a go after learning about them at the trade night then seeing them perform so well at the Armor All Gold Coast 600,” says Sean.

“My boss at Suzi Auto Services is also planning to give Champions a go. Because they last so much longer they’re a good product to sell to customers as far as I’m concerned.”

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